The subject of the motorhome spare wheel is very present in the forums for motorhome owners. In fact, statistics indicate that a tire punctures on average every 60,000 km, with varying consequences depending on where and when the incident takes place.

Motorhome Spare Wheel

Can we be satisfied with the puncture repair kit that comes with newer vehicles? Is it useful to take a spare tire with you? How to store the spare wheel during transport?

Puncture kit: very insufficient

If manufacturers currently only install puncture repair kits instead of the spare wheel, it is for two reasons. The first and most important reason is simply economic. Indeed, a puncture repair kit costs only around 20% of the price of a spare wheel, the price difference goes directly into the pocket of the manufacturer, since the prices of the vehicles have not fallen. Better, when you want to get a spare wheel, it is now an option, which you have to pay for a high price.

The second reason is ecological. The new anti-pollution standards have forced manufacturers to reduce the weight of vehicles, and therefore green-washing has done its work to the detriment of the spare wheel. The manufacturers have given themselves a clear conscience by removing the spare wheel to reduce the weight of the vehicle by around twenty kilograms, to the detriment of course of the safety of the users who have seen the removal of particularly important safety equipment.

So can we be satisfied with the "puncture repair kit" delivered as standard? It allows you to fill the punctured wheel with foam to cover a few kilometers at reduced speed to the nearest garage. It has the disadvantage of not allowing the tire to be repaired and of not being reliable depending on where the puncture is on the tire. The anti-puncture kit is even completely unusable if the tire is burst or deformed.

So some will say "we can always call for assistance"? These are probably the ones who have never called assistance before, waiting for hours without any answer nor any solution...

The spare wheel is usefull

Those who want to travel across borders, independently and in complete serenity, have made their choice: they take the spare wheel on board. It sometimes finds its place in a hold, but can quickly become cumbersome; on some motorhomes, it is even difficult to find a place for it.

That's why John's Camper has tackled the issue, making a Spare Wheel Support Kit, which allows the wheel to be stored in different places:

  • vertically on a bulkhead in a hold,
  • vertically on the rear wall of the vehicle,
  • or horizontally on the roof of the vehicle or on the floor of a hold.

The kit is available for different models of spare wheel, by going to this page.

For any further information, please contact us, we will respond to you within 48 hours.