Burglary is one of the most common risks encountered when traveling in a motorhome. The cabin doors are easy to open from the outside. The usual method is to break a front window, either to be able to unlock the door from the inside by passing the arm inside the vehicle, or to enter the vehicle through the broken window.

In order to choose the right anti-theft system for motorhomes, you should therefore consider the following points:

  • The ability of the anti-theft device to not be able to be unlocked from outside the motorhome or campervan, even if the front door glass is broken;
  • Prevent the intrusion of a person by blocking the passage in front of the door;

Bloquer les portes cabine camping-car

  • Ease of use, in particular the possibility of easily stowing the lock in the glove box or in a hold when you are driving.

Rangemen facile du kit de sécurité

We have therefore evaluated for you the different solutions that currently exist on the market in order to see the most suitable solution to protect the front doors of your motorhome or converted van.


Motorhome cabin door lock

There are additional locks which are fixed inside the door to prevent the opening of the doors, and which can only be manipulated from inside the vehicle. They can therefore only be opened from the inside. In theory at least, because in practice, by breaking the front window of the motorhome, it is easy to put your hand through the broken window and unlock the lock in question. So it is imperative that these locks are provided with a key or a code. Pay attention to the installation and check the configuration of the door and the space available on the upright.


Motorhome front door bar

We found on the internet motorhome front door bars, which connect the two doors by means of a rigid tube, and which are fixed in the slots of the windows, so as to prevent the opening of the doors from the outside. Again, if you break the front window, it is easy to remove the anti-theft system and get into the vehicle. This type of system just makes it possible to delay the break-in a little, by a few seconds. Another problem is that this system is bulky and cannot be stored in the glove box.


Anti-theft cable for motorhome front doors

The front door security cable presents the advantages that we have sought to obtain in order to properly secure the cabin doors of our motorhome. On the one hand, this cable cannot be unlocked from the outside, even if the glass of the front door is broken. As the cable is under tension, it cannot be easily unlocked from the outside. On the other hand, the cable blocks the seats in the turned position, in front of the windows of the cabin doors. The seats blocked in this way form natural obstacles, preventing an intruder from entering the cabin through the windows. Finally, the cable is flexible and compact, and can easily be rolled up and stored in the glove box or in any other storage place, even a small one.

Câble antivol porte avant John's Camper

The John's Camper motorhome front door security cable is compatible with the following models :