The level of equipment of new motorhomes varies greatly from one brand to another. For now, we are interested in the drop-down bed profiles of the Benimar range, such as the Tessoro T481, T483, T488 and T497, T463, T468.

These models are particularly well equipped as standard and we present to you in this article additional equipment that we have designed and made to measure in our workshops.

The food must remain in the lockers.

For this the storage must be closed, so we made this sliding grid on rails, allowing you to keep the groceries in their place.

Grid on rail for kitchen cabinet

The drop-down bed comes with a ladder and cushions: but where to store them?

For the storage of the ladder, we have designed a fixing kit which allows it to be stored on the bathroom door.

For the cushions, Velcro strips have been added to fix them to the wall above the seats.

Ladder rack

Ladder hooks

Ladder attachment

Fixing cushions

How to sleep well in a drop-down bed?

The parasitic lights generated on the one hand by the refrigerator and on the other hand by the electrical panel constitute a source of discomfort which we have been solved by designing tailor-made covers for Trigano group models, such as Challenger, Chausson, Rapido, Benimar motorhomes, etc...

Fridge concealment

Fix travel stuff

Finally, many hooks have been added and make life easier to hold the children's bags, the sheets of the convertible bed, the garbage bag.


In addition, we have designed an anti-theft cable for the safety of the motorhome which prevents any intrusion through the front doors.

In a future article, we will go further by drawing up a detailed comparison of the standard equipment delivered on the biggest brands of motorhomes.