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Front door security cable for motorhome

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This anti-theft cable connects the two front doors of your motorhome and keeps them closed from the inside so as to prevent any intrusion into your campervan or motorhome.


Better than an anti-theft lock, better than a security bar, here is our anti-intrusion security cable for motorhomes or campervans. Even if the front window is broken, this system cannot be unlocked from the outside, unlike a lock attached to the inside of the door or a bar inserted in the window, which can be unlocked by passing the arm through the door window. This cable firmly holds the two front doors in the closed position, and can only be unlocked from inside the motorhome.

It also has the advantage of locking the seats in the turned position and positioned in front of the doors. This adds an obstacle for an intruder who would try to enter your motorhome after having broken the front window of one of your doors.

Finally, the cable is flexible and can easily be stored in the glove box or in the hold of your motorhome, when you are driving.

The kit is composed of:

  • two stainless steel rings, each with its ABS plate, to be mounted on the doors
  • a sheathed stainless steel cable, in two parts, with crimped hooks and rings at each end (see photos).
  • a tensioner to adjust the length and tension of the cable
  • four self-tapping screws for fixing the rings on the doors
  • a drill guide (template) to help you drill the holes exactly the right distance from each other.
  • two stickers to stick on the front doors of the motorhome.

The dimensions required for fixing the plates to the doors are 18x60mm. For Fiat Ducato models after 2021, with Remis blinds that conceal the door pillar, assembly is possible here: see here the assembly on Ducato 2021.

To be used only when parked.


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